Who can benefit from yoga?

Yoga is for every person and all bodies! Integrating yoga principles into your care can be helpful whether or not you ever plan to attend a yoga class. Come as you are whether you are recovering from injury, have difficulty moving due to pain or are hoping to build strength, Sarah and Kristin will work with you to meet your personal goals.

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Dr. Sarah Talley & Dr. Kristin Phillips integrate their experiences as a physical therapists and yoga instructors to integrate yoga into treatment sessions for our physical therapy and wellness clients. While poses (asana) and breathing (pranayama) are primary components of treatment, all limbs of yoga are considered as a comprehensive approach to your care.

Individual sessions are also offered for those interested in wellness and/ or those seeking continued exploration of yoga therapy once their physical therapy care is completed. Private wellness services are not covered by insurance.

Sessions are 1 hour or 2 hours based on client interest and are uniquely tailored based on each individual's needs. 2 hour sessions may be preferred for initial consultation sessions based on the goal of the client.

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You don’t need to have an injury or problem to care for your body! We offer wellness sessions for those who have graduated from physical therapy, as well as for those who are not experiencing symptoms but seek an assessment and guidance for starting or resuming an exercise program.


·Return to sport/ exercise
·Perimenopause/ post menopause
·Yoga therapy
·Postpartum assessment
·Strengthening/ conditioning


Yoga is for anyone interested! Whether you want to learn the foundations of yoga poses, are recovering from an injury or want to get more out of your existing practice, Sarah and Kristin work with you on your personal goals and tailor each session for you- there's no such thing as being too stiff or too flexible to benefit from yoga. Therapeutic benefits of yoga include pain reduction and improvements in strength, mobility and body awareness both on the mat and in your daily routine. Yoga is also helpful for those with persistent pain who are seeking a way to return to movement and can be integrated into physical therapy treatment or used as a stand-alone approach to your wellness.


Yoga Therapy/ Wellness (Self pay): All yoga sessions are 60 minutes and are one on one. Double sessions can be accommodated for those who are interested in a longer appointment. Your first session will include a movement assessment to allow Sarah or Kristin to tailor your practice to your interest and needs.

Physical Therapy patients: Yoga can be included as a component of your physical therapy assessment and treatment as well as for patient self care. If you are a current patient at our practice, ask about how we can incorporate yoga into your treatment.