Wands & Vibrators

Vibration and other tools may be helpful for home interventions in addition to medical and physical therapy treatment for pelvic pain.  Please check with your physician or physical therapist to determine the best option for you.


Dilators are helpful tools to allow for graded exposure for penetration to reduce fear of penetration, provide a gentle and global stretch the muscles of the pelvic floor and help reduce pain with penetration. These sets complement your physical therapy treatments to gain range of motion and flexibility between sessions. Please consult your physical therapist for the best dilator set for your condition.

Rectal Dilators/ Vibrators

Pelvic Muscle Retraining

Sometimes we need a little help retraining those hard to see and feel pelvic floor muscles and some feedback comes in handy. Please consult your pelvic floor physical therapist if this device might be helpful for you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Hot & Cold Therapy


Finding the right lubrication is often difficult. These brands are water based and ideal to use with your therapeutic stretching devices recommended by your physical therapist. In addition, they may be used to enhance your personal lubrication to make vaginal penetration comfortable and enjoyable. Carolina Pelvic Health Center, Inc. uses Slippery Stuff and ID Glide for clinical practice. For those that prefer a softer feel the silicone based lubricants are a good choice. Our favorites are listed below.


When it’s painful to sit sometimes a cushion can provide temporary relief to allow you to sit with more comfort. Here are a few cushions that many of our patients use.

Bowel Health