POP- Did something fall out down there?

What is POP? Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is defined as the dropping of the female pelvic organs past their normal anatomic position. The organ prolapse is typically described by the organ that is falling into the vagina or out of the pelvic cavity (1).  Wait, WHAT? That can really happen? We know it sounds a […]

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We’re Growing!

  Join our team! We are looking for a passionate physical therapist for a part time position here at CPHC. This position is 15-20 hours of clinical practice treating men and women with pelvic and orthopedic diagnoses and includes opportunities for community outreach via education, social media and program development. The ideal candidate has experience in […]

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Coccyx pain- Pelvic PT can help!

Coccydynia: Getting to the bottom of tailbone pain

So you have a pain in the butt…Now what? A North Carolina snow event doesn’t happen very often! If you’re like us, winter weather is too good to resist and you’ve been out sledding, playing in the snow (or running- you know who you are!) and making the most of the season. The downside of […]

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